The 15 Best Swiss Watches For Men

Few men’s accessories are as useful and telling as a good wrist watch. Not only are they a great way to keep track of the time without having to rudely pull out your smartphone, but they can often do a good deal more — like function as a dive timer or help you calculate velocity — and are a superbly fashionable addition to any wardrobe.

And while you can find replica watches from around the world that are handsome, handy, and reliable, few watchmakers stand up to the same rigorous standards and remarkable craftsmanship of those made in Switzerland. Along with political neutrality, chocolate, and the Swiss Army Knife, the small European country is beloved around the globe for their watches. In fact, they’ve set the benchmark time and time again for the rest of the industry. If you’re looking for a superb wearable timepiece you can count on for potential generations, you’ll find it here on our list of the best Swiss watches for men.

Trying to pick the absolute best Swiss-made watch is a lot like choosing a favorite child: it’s nearly impossible and not a decision anyone should have to make. For our purposes, however, we’ve managed to narrow it down to just 15 selections. That being said, we’re not bold enough to single out specific sub-models and leave out the rest. As such, our list is comprised primarily of overarching models rather than pinpoint-specific trims. These watches are historically significant, masterfully crafted, and often have many variants offered — so there’s a lot of variety to be had once you start digging a bit deeper.

Not every high-end timepiece was built by Swiss hands, though you will find that plenty are. Learn all about them and their worldwide counterparts on our list of the best luxury watch brands.

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