Corum Heritage La Grande Vie Watch

Corum is notable among watch brands for its very diverse range of families — playful oddballs like the Bubble and Coin models, the horologically avant-garde Golden Bridge, and the nautical-themed Admiral’s Cup among them — but what it has lacked up until recently in its modern collection has been a simple, traditional “starter” watch for […]

Corum BUBBLE 47

In 2015, Corum revived its popular Bubble watch with three new models. One of them was the Corum Bubble Skeleton. The Bubble watch has become something of an icon for Corum and it’s not hard to see why – especially with that domed sapphire crystal. For 2017, Corum is updating the Bubble Skeleton, also known […]

Corum Heritage Coin Watch

If you have been following our blogs on The Corum Heritage Coin Watch Guide, you must have noticed the mention of the word “collectible” for certain timepieces. Many a time, however, the word is thrown around (carelessly) designating every watch in the world as a so-called “collectible”. Little have people tried to understand, the significance […]

Corum Heritage Classical Billionaire Tourbillon Watch

The name itself suggests that it is a rare and highly expensive timepiece. Introduced in 2007, CORUM Classical Billionaire Tourbillon is a stunning horology masterpiece that sizzles in an intense radiance created by a spectacular array of diamonds and sapphires, offering a transparent revelation of the most beautiful complication of all time. It all begins […]

Corum LAB 01 Damascus Steel Watch

First created in late 2018, the Corum LAB 01 Damascus Steel Watch collection focuses on establishing a dialogue between the past and the future, and two limited edition creations were debuted then. The latest Lab 01 models retain their distinctive barrel-shaped cases like their predecessors, but Corum has chosen to produce the cases for these […]

Corum LAB 02 Watch

The Corum LAB 02 is the latest, highly imaginative watch from the brand synonymous with the legendary Golden Bridge. It features a fly tourbillon and an ingenious movement which presents its constituent parts seemingly floating in mid-air. In 1955, René Bannwart, Gaston Ries and Juliette Ries founded Corum. Over the years, the company has been […]

Corum Admiral cup replica

Corum is a Swiss watchmaker that has been around since 1955. This brand is known for its innovative watches—bold, elegant designs that continue to be popular today. If you’d like to know more about this luxury brand, read on. This article will let you in on some of the most important things to know about […]

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