Louis Moinet 20-Second Tempograph

This detailed review of the Louis Moinet 20-second Tempograph contains live images, specification details and pricing. My first encounter with the Swiss brand Louis Moinet was earlier this year, when the company presented the Compteur de Tierces to a small group of invited journalists. This timepiece was the first chronograph ever produced, dating back to […]

Louis Moinet Derrick Gaz

Swiss luxury watch atelier Louis Moinet is continuing to plough the same creative furrow by unveiling Derrick Gaz, a brand new complication timepiece that incorporates high precision techniques, traditional watchmaking art and the great tradition of automatons. The piece is intended to be both technical and fun. Based on an attentive observation of the traditional […]

Louis Moinet Skylink

Louis Moinet celebrates the Apollo-Soyuz mission that changed the face of the world with a timepiece called Skylink, recalling the link that was quietly forged between two men, each representing their nations, in the depths of space. The Louis Moinet Skylink dial depicts this sidereal expanse. A graphic process that is exclusive to Louis Moinet […]

Louis Moinet Time to Race Racing

Ready, Steady, Go! Watch now the Louis Moinet Time to Race Racing product presentation by Jean-Marie Schaller – CEO Louis Moinet. TIME TO RACE is a set of one-of-a-kind creations reflecting a resolutely competitive spirit. Collectors will indeed be able to personalise their model by selecting a one or two-digit “lucky number” that will appear […]

Louis Moinet Mars

Louis Moinet (1768-1853) was born in Bourges, France. He had a passion for art and horology. He spent his formative years in Rome and, subsequently, Florence. Moinet studied architecture, painting and sculpture and thereafter, moved to Paris to assume the role of Professor of Fine Arts at the world renowned Louvre. Surprisingly, despite spending much […]

Louis Moinet Moon

The Louis Moinet Moon Race is a set of four, one-of-a-kind watches that depict four significant lunar conquests. The watches are enriched with various artistic crafts and each timepiece is equipped with a hand-wound tourbillon, the Calibre LM35. Once again, Louis Moinet has shown its incredible creativity, while demonstrating its continued fondness for space exploration […]

Louis Moinet Memoris 200th Anniversary Chronograph

Louis Moinet celebrates 200 years of the invention of the chronograph with a new single button chronograph. We examine and deconstruct this watch, and give you our hands-on analysis of the Louis Moinet Memoris 200th Anniversary Chronograph . In Baselworld 2022, we attended a private showing where Louis Moinet made the shocking announcement that their […]

Louis Moinet Memoris Red Eclipse

The new version of Louis Moinet Memoris Red Eclipse has the same distinctive characteristic as the earlier models: making the chronograph the primary function of the timepiece, instead of just a complication. After three years of developments, Ateliers Louis Moinet took a completely different approach to watchmaking, rather than attempting merely to improve on an existing model.Memoris […]

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