The Watch Snob On Watch Naming Conventions

Why do so many watch names include the word “master?” Examples include the Trainmaster, Marinemaster, Misslemaster, Worldmaster, Master Compressor, Speedmaster, and Yachtmaster. I have heard that the Trainmaster name is linked to Webb Ball’s involvement with standardizing watches after a train collision. Other watches, such as the Benrus Skymaster, seem to have been advanced for […]


While Switzerland may be the original watch-making superpower, Japan has developed its horological industry into an equally impressive player. As the Luxury Swiss watch have honed their traditional skills to create the most luxurious timepieces in the world, the Japanese have embraced technological innovation to produce the most functional. At the forefront of Japan’s booming […]

How OMEGA Times Olympic Swimming

Michael Phelps’ victory of. 01 seconds in the 2008 Beijing Olympics illustrated the importance of perfect timekeeping in sports. OMEGA Replica watch , timekeeper of 25 Olympic games and counting, aptly summarized the shift from human to computer timekeeping: “Competitive swimming has come a long way since three timekeepers with handheld stopwatches crowded each of […]

Zenith watch VS Breitling watch replica quality

Two serious watch brands are benchmarked in this Zenith VS Breitling comparison. Take a look & find out if it’s Breitling or Zenith that is best for you. so about these 2 brand watch do you want wear replica or used? Zenith VS Breitling We are often asked the differences between different luxury watch brands […]

Breitling Revives James Bond’s ’60s Chrono For A 2,000-Unit Limited Run

Breitling Source Watch Reviews. Chrono-Battle #1: Aviation 6081 vs Breitling Bentley GT Comparative review of the Breitling Bentley GT and the Aviation 6081 by Carlos. Breitling SuperOcean Heritage 46 & 38 Review Review of matching SuperOcean Heritage Watches purchased as ,breitling watch review The 1960s was a fascinating horological era, with the decade’s watch landscape experiencing a number of drastic shifts in movement technology and overall design […]

fake brm watches replica v12-44

The Replica BRM Watch price begins at $9,000 and goes all the way to $35,000 for some models. Similarly, the V-14 and V-16 collections have the racing persona embedded in them beautifully, There’s a sub-collection called V-12 flags that has multinational flags embedded in the watch cases. BRM has a history of using fine materials such as 18/8 Stainless steel, […]