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BRM – Bernard Richards Manufacturer Watches Then he began a watchmaking school for, thereafter, incorporate Applied micromechanics school, his parents already excelled in the art of watchmaking in their own factory for which Bernard Richards developed a series of watches, pens, lighters and other accessories for major international groups specializing in the luxury industry. Bernard Richards ManufactureBernard Richards. Passion and craftmanship. Details and precision. The Manufacture. Lifestyle. Collections. Prestige and exclusivity. Men’s racing collection. Racing limited edition. Ladies’ collection. Ladies’ golf collection. Men’s golf collection. Partners. Daniel Morad. Patrick Dussault. DO REV MI.

BRM – Bernard Richards Manufacture. Looking for abbreviations of BRM Watch ? It is Bernard Richards ManufactureBernard Richards Manufacture listed as BRM. Bernard Richards Manufacture – How is Bernard Richards Manufacture abbreviated? … Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein; Bernard Montgomery, 1st Viscount Montgomery of Alamein; The French luxury watchmaker Bernard Richards Manufacture or replica BRM watch has embraced this concept like no other. BRM Chronographs are selectively produced watches that take inspiration from motor racing, golf and many other sports.

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