Bell and Ross BR 03-92 STEEL

The link between Bell & Ross and aviation is well-known and the brand’s iconic watch, the BR, is shaped after dashboard instruments – the typical “circle within a square” case. However, aviation doesn’t necessarily mean pressurised suits and jet fighters. Aviation is also about commercial flights and leisure planes. And what happens when you’re out […]


It’s quite easy to spot a Bell & Ross watch; even at a bit of a distance. Their square case design has become the distinguishing design element of their most popular watches over the years. The BR03-92 Diver Ceramic 42mm is no different other than the fact that is their first square dive watch. There […]

bell & ross br 01 cyber skull watch

Bell & Ross watches are, for a good reason, often associated with pilots and military forces. This has been the brand’s raison d’être since its inception. Serious, stealth, instrumental, the emblematic BR 01 and BR 03 collection, with its “circle within a square”, sums up the brand’s design language perfectly. Yet, from time to time, […]

Bell and Ross BR V3

A chronograph is one of the classical wristwatch archetypes. It never gets boring and often these types of watches even get better over time. Bell & Ross is no stranger to chronographs and its emblematic timers have significantly contributed to the brand’s popularity. With the new BR V3-94 Black Steel, Bell & Ross adds a […]

Bell and Ross BR V2-94

Following in the footsteps of the recently launched BR 03-93 GMT, Bell & Ross has released its latest luminous experiment. Using a now relatively familiar case design and configuration (via the Vintage collection chronograph style seen in the base BR V2-94 design), the new Bell and Ross BR V2-94 Full Lum nonetheless presents a novel […]

bell and ross br v2-93 gmt

There is something undeniably function-forward about a GMT-equipped pilot’s watch. Even if you’re not the guy or gal flying the plane, no complication is more useful to a frequent flyer or international team member than a GMT. With their newly-announced BR V2-93 GMT, Bell & Ross adds a simple but robust GMT watch to their […]

Bell and Ross BR V2-92

The United States Army Air Corps standardized paint colors to be used on military assets in 1939. The Joint Aircraft Committee’s Subcommittee on Standardization elected to implement the the ANA (Army Navy Aircraft) color standard. This color standard created ANA 616, otherwise known as “Desert Sand.” Much like Olive Drab, this color has come to […]