Corum Heritage Coin Watch

If you have been following our blogs on The Corum Heritage Coin Watch Guide, you must have noticed the mention of the word “collectible” for certain timepieces. Many a time, however, the word is thrown around (carelessly) designating every watch in the world as a so-called “collectible”. Little have people tried to understand, the significance and the gravity of the word. A collectible timepiece does not just signify beautiful aesthetics and technical excellence. It also denotes history, heritage, brand value and above all exclusivity. Corum has time and again introduced avant-garde designs merged beautifully with the aesthetic charm of a contemporary masterpiece. From the uniquely created Corum Golden Bridge collection to the fun and lively Bubble, the brand is dedicated to creating exclusive timepieces for their elite clientele. The Corum Heritage Coin is no exception. In fact, after careful consideration, we can safely say that this watch might even be among the ultimate collectible timepieces you can shortlist from the watch market today. Read on to find out everything you need to know about it.
The Corum Heritage Coin Watch collection has always expressed itself with creativity, and features daring yet timeless experimentation based on the brand’s watchmaking expertise. Created with an ultra-thin movement and set in a historic American 20 Dollar Double Eagle gold coin stamped with the seal of Liberty, the Corum Heritage Coin watch was first introduced in 1964. Since then, it had been withdrawn from circulation and not reintroduced for a long while, hence making it an immediate collector’s item. This particular timepiece is clearly the ultimate classic watch that has been worn by numerous U.S Presidents from Johnson, Nixon, Carter and Bush to even Clinton and other prominent personalities including Nobel Prize laureates.
It was a genius idea to combine coins and watches then, and the watch still commands the same respect now. The Corum Heritage Coin Watch pays tribute to Corum’s early watches and features unmatched historical aesthetics. It also showcases the Swiss brand’s watchmaking capabilities because to create a timepiece of this magnitude and superlative technicality, requires precision watchmaking and expert craftsmanship.
Focusing on a single theme, the watches from the Corum Heritage Coin collection certainly cater to watch lovers who also have a penchant for coin collection. The concept is simple, cohesive and dares to bring forward Corum’s long-standing legacy of creating historical masterpieces, and their inherent experimental spirit.
Let’s first focus on the newest edition- the 2017 Baselworld Corum Heritage Twenty Dollar Coin watch. For starters, it takes on a slimmer and sleeker approach (if at all that was possible!). Paying tribute to the earlier version, the 2017 timepiece features a 43mm case made from a 22kt yellow gold coin, also used for the caseback, and a crown set with a full-cut diamond. Wow. The sides of the case are crafted of 3N 18kt yellow gold. With a thickness of just 7.60mm, the watch does not seem overbearing on the wrist and slips under the cuff with absolute ease, proving to be a great dress watch.
The dial of the watch is where all the magic happens. It is made with an American Double Eagle 22kt yellow gold coin with a decorated track displaying the hour markers, running along the outer portion of the dial. Apart from the one hole (drilled to hold the hour and minute hands), the rest of the dial features the original coin. Additionally, the baton-type, black varnish hour and minute hands create the perfect contrast without drawing attention away from the highlight of the dial, that is, the coin.
Beating inside is the CO 082 automatic movement that offers the simple timekeeping function and also clocks in a power reserve of 42 hours. The 2017 Corum Heritage Twenty Dollar Coin watch is available in a high-quality black alligator leather strap equipped with a pin buckle, hence ensuring security on the wrist.
The 50th anniversary Corum Heritage Coin watch is offered in 36mm and 43mm case variations: 22kt Fifty Dollar gold and .925 silver One Dollar coins, respectively. The dial of the gold version is made of an American Double Eagle 22kt yellow gold coin. Both the watches feature precious stones on the crown – a full cut diamond (for gold) and a sapphire (for the silver version), further adding to the timeless appeal of the watches. The dial features a double anti-reflective sapphire crystal that provides great resistance against accidental scratches. Interestingly, to keep the theme alive in every detail, the watchmakers have given a ‘coin’ edge finishing to the sides of the case leading right onto the lugs as well, while even the bezel features the look of a coin. So it really does appear like having a coin with lugs attached, sitting right on your wrist.
Clocking in a power reserve of 42 hours each, both the versions are powered by the CO 082 automatic movement offering the time keeping function. The hands of the gold and silver versions are baton shaped in black and blue varnish, respectively. The 50th Anniversary Corum Heritage Coin watch is available with black (for the gold version) and blue (for the silver) alligator leather straps equipped with a pin buckle, for secure fastening on the wrist. Corum has featured a clever application of their logo on the watch by lasering it onto the inside of the sapphire crystal, instead of putting it on the dial directly. This technique enabled them to preserve the original coin while also reminding the wearer of the pioneering brand.
Five American presidents have owned the Corum Dollar watch, no wonder the (proud) name ‘The Presidential Watch’. This version features a slim 36mm, 3N 18kt yellow gold case, with a 22kt 3N yellow gold “Double Eagle” coin for the dial. The reverse or ‘tail’ of the coin represents the caseback of the watch. With a thickness of just 6.40mm, the watch is rather slim and fits the ‘classic watch’ persona perfectly. The crown is set with one round diamond of 0.17 ct. Additionally, with a water resistance of 30 meters, the watch can easily withstand sudden splashes (although it would be wiser to be careful).
Inside the watch is the automatic CO 293 movement that offers the simple hour and minute function. As the dial of the watch is the magnum opus, the fact that Corum chooses to inculcate simple functionalities implies that the attention does not get diverted. Clocking in a power reserve of 72 hours, be rest assured that once charged, the watch will work immaculately throughout the 3 days. Impressive.

As mentioned earlier, the dial is the most significant feature of the watch. It is literally made of a 22kt yellow gold Twenty Dollar coin of the United States of America. That’s just so difficult to beat as a theme. The black coloured baton shaped hour and minute hands are in contrast with the special gold engravings of the coin, housed within the dial. The black alligator leather strap too, contrasts perfectly with the gold, and the pin buckle fitted to the strap ensures complete security of the Corum Coin on the wrist.

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