Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive

Just in time for Australian Summer, Breitling has released a new set of watches that is, as they state, the “ultimate athleisure watch”. The Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive comes as part of the brand’s Professional range and is a timepiece that is not only made for athletes, but for people that love the outdoors and active lifestyles.

The Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive is essentially a luxury sports watch. Combining innovative materials with a sense of artistic style, this latest creation by the Swiss brand has high precision, vibrant colour design and the robustness to make it a hit among sporting enthusiasts.
The Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive fits perfectly into the world of sports, in which Breitling already has quite a history. In motorsport, Breitling has sponsored Bentley at Le Mans, while also having a longstanding partnership with the car brand in general. In the world of cycling, Breitling has already partnered with major competitions, such as Giro d’Italia and Tour de France along with cycling legends Fausto Coppi and Gino Bartali. Breitling has been offering timepieces with sports functions for a long time now, and the Endurance Pro is the latest to continue this tradition.
Breitling, a brand that used to be synonymous with aviation, today, stands for accessible sports. Sports such as running, cycling and swimming. High-performance activities that are not just limited to professionals but sports everyone can enjoy. In fact, there can be no better endorsement for the Breitling Endurance Pro than Tadej Pogačar.

A Slovenian cyclist, Tadej Pogačar wore a yellow Breitling Endurance Pro model during the final race of the Tour De France, in which he won. From a brand perspective, it shows Breitling’s rich history and heritage in cycling, and how Tadej Pogačar’s podium finish shows the brands return to the top in cycling.

The Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive was created using inspiration from Breitling’s vintage model; the Breitling Sprint. An iconic timepiece created in the 1970’s, the Breitling Sprint made use of a pulsometer, while also being incredibly lightweight. The integration of the pulsometer was ideal for athletes back then as they could monitor their heartbeats on the go.
The Breitling Sprint was also made from resin, which made it comfortable to wear, which is especially crucial during high-intensity activities. The Sprint models, like the Endurance Pro, were also offered in a variety of colours. This latest sports timepiece then is an evident evolution from the Sprint model, carrying much of the same characteristics while being modernised. The Breitling Endurance Pro is available in five different colours, ranging from the navy, orange, red, yellow and white. What we have on our hands today is the yellow Endurance pro model, the same one worn by Tadej Pogačar in his Tour De France win.
The Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive comes with an ultra-lightweight 44mm Breitlight case. The case along with the bezel is black, with almost a matte look and feel to it. Breitlight is Breitling’s signature material, released back in 2016. Breitlight carries some impressive statistics, such as being 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel. While also being nonmagnetic, thermally stable and hypoallergenic. It doesn’t stop there, however. Breitlight also has a high resistance to scratches, traction and corrosion. Being extremely lightweight helps the wearability of this watch. In fact, the rubber straps would almost weigh more than the case itself. The only drawback from the casing on the Endurance Pro is that it only comes with a water resistance of 100m (10bar). Breitling should have designed it to be at least 200-300m, so athletes can wear it during water sports, knowing that it won’t affect the watch. The bezel features a tachymeter scale integrated alongside a compass with the four cardinal points (N, E, S, W) shown. The Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive can be used as a sun compass. To do this varies on which hemisphere you are on. In the Northern Hemisphere, point the hour hand precisely towards the sun. Now on the watch dial, the point located midway between current hour and 12 o’clock indicates South, with North being exact opposite direction. The same procedure is used for Southern Hemisphere, however North will be indicated first with South being directly opposite. Since the Endurance Pro is targeted as an outdoor’s watch, the compass is a useful feature, something that can be quite helpful when hiking in the mountains.
When you first hold the Breitling Endurance Pro, you’ll notice almost immediately how light the watch is. At approximately 65 grams, this timepiece is incredibly lightweight. As we mentioned already, when playing sports or doing physical activities, this is an absolute bonus. I wore the Breitling Endurance Pro eComm Exclusive out to the driving range, and the lightness of the watch made it so comfortable to wear during the gruelling swings I put it through.
The fact that this is also a quartz timepiece can be a deterrent for some watch buyers. However, the Endurance Pro is no ordinary quartz, with Breitling’s SuperQuartz making this a highly precise timepiece. With the Endurance Pro also being extremely lightweight and available in some exciting and vibrant colours, this is a timepiece that is coming from a luxury brand with a rich history, making the Breitling Endurance Pro occupy a unique position among sports watches.

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