Casio G-Shock 6900

About the Watch in short. The base model is the round face DW-6900 with three graphic displays, which has been the base model for a number of stylish variations. It’s iconic round face form comes with a matte interior facing and a subtle dark grey resin band, giving the classic design a modern, stylistic twist. You can set an alarm with hour, minutes, month, and day. When the alarm is on, the alarm sounds for 20 seconds at the preset time. When the Hourly Time Signal is on< the watch beeps every hour on the hour. The countdown timer can be set within a range of 1 second to 24 hours. When the countdown reaches zero, an alarm sounds for 10 seconds or until you press any button. Official Casio Description. G-SHOCK is the watch brand that is always finding ways to incorporate world culture icons into exciting new designs, and these new models are themed on garish colors of silver and blue.
The base model is the round face DW-6900 with three graphic displays, which has been the base model for a number of collaborations with world-famous brands. These models are the first to add a brilliant deposition mirror finish to the face of the DW-6900, creating the look of a fine accessory. The stainless steel front button adds further to the overall brilliance of this model. This new mirror dial model is yet another variation of the DW-6900, which has been an essential part of the G-SHOCK lineup in different forms since 1995.
Hollow case structure. Based on a realization that “shocks are not transmitted inside a bouncing rubber ball,” the structure was designed to let the module float inside the case, relieving shocks transmitted from outside. Today, the module’s shock resistance is realized through further technical innovations. But the revolutionary tough structure that gave G-SHOCK its origin began here. All-directional covering. If the watch is dropped, the protruding bezel fully enclosing it absorbs the shock, protecting the buttons directly connected to the module and alleviating shocks from all directions. The bezel also guards the surface of the crystal. The band is curved stiffly at the point of connection with the case, moreover, enabling it to serve as a shock absorber and prevent direct shocks to the back of the case. Protective cushioning of key parts. The crystal oscillator and other critical parts inside the module are guarded individually by cushioning material. Any strong shock to the watch causes immediate distortion of the cushioning inside the module, preventing contact failure and malfunction. Japan Quality. Constructed with genuine quality, CASIO products provide truly practicable applications in which functionality and beauty combine. The leading-edge LSI technologies and skilled craftsmanship that give life to CASIO watches exemplify the quality Japan boasts in the world marketplace.
For CASIO, “faith in manufacturing” refers to an inexorable advancement of digital technologies and an uncompromising commitment to fine craftsmanship. This faith engenders unparalleled performance that not only elevates CASIO watches as close as possible to perfection, but that actually changes their wearers’ lifestyles.
From video game-inspired series such as The Last of Us and The Witcher (among many others), to timepieces and tech inspired by the big screen, the worlds of gaming, fashion and Hollywood continue to collide. Star-loved brand Casio is the latest to tap the cyber universe for inspiration with its new G-Shock watch collection geared toward gamers.

Available starting today, the Gamer’s RGB collection ($110 to $130) comprises four digital-analog silhouettes designed to match your gaming devices. Old-school CRT screens are alive and well in the DW6900RGB-1 and GA100RGB-1A models, which feature glossy black bands and bezels and “rainbow vapor” faces. The GA2100RGB-1A and GA700RGB-1A designs are a throwback to vintage consoles with their matte black bases and fluorescent red, blue and yellow accents, and boast Casio’s Super Illuminator LED light, hand-shift and a world time (48 cities).

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