Casio G-Shock 5600

About the Watch in short. From G-SHOCK, which pursues toughness and continues to evolve, it is a model that inherits the design that gained immense popularity in the 90’s wearing a protector. The design of the DW-5600ED series, which evolved from the original G-SHOCK DW-5000C and debuted in 1996, is reproduced. Form design with protectors has been well received by young people who love extreme sports and has long been a favorite in the 90’s street fashion scene. While faithfully inheriting its classical form design, the lineup is in colors that are active in the current casual scene of black. It is a model that combines the DNA of the first model, classical design, and the latest fashion trends.
When talking about watches for everyday timekeeping, the term “tool watch” inevitably joins the discussion. Unlike a regular fashion or luxury watch prized mostly for its aesthetics, tool watches—like the tools in your EDC—have a specific purpose when worn. Tough, task-specific watches like pilot and dive watches fall into this category, making them popular choices for a daily driver; after all, these watches are designed to keep time and do their job even in the worst conditions. But ultra-rugged, overbuilt timepieces aren’t the only watches that deserve a spot on your wrist. The humble Casio G-Shock DW-5600 has been an EDC staple ever since it merged exceptional resistance and an affordable pricepoint with its introduction over 30 years ago. But 30 years is a long way from 2021—these days, is the DW-5600 still worth your time?
Hands and arms and wrists get banged up in the course of one’s day, that’s an unfortunate fact. Even more so when your day involves time in hazardous situations like heavy machinery or in the line of duty. So wearing an expensive, delicate watch doesn’t make much sense from both a practical and financial perspective. What’s the point of spending so much on something that might get scratched at any given moment? That’s what makes the G-Shock an easy first pick for a daily watch, no matter how your day goes. The shock-resistant structure that was designed all the way in 1983 found its footing with Casio’s first flagship model, the DW-5600, launched 4 years later in 1987 and kept its signature square face and resilient features to this day. Though technology has since progressed in the past 30 years, the DW-5600’s core features of 200 meters of water resistance, shockproof design, and versatile timekeeping functions still find their way to G-Shocks today. It’s a prime example of a product getting it right the first time.
There’s a reason the DW-5600 and all its descendants have found their way onto the wrists of everyone from kids to civilians to servicemen and women on active duty alike. Try your best to find a hardy watch with 200 meters of water resistance, wall-banging levels of impact protection, illumination, and a complement of alarms and multiple timekeeping modes all for under $70, and you’ll still likely end up on a G-Shock. Whether its your first watch or your fiftieth, the DW-5600 will always be a solid (and sensible) pick for EDC.

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