g shock 110 replica watch

In the early days, steel “shocks” could always be attributed to the G-STEEL division, but now they are not. The year 2020 was a kind of a revival of the old cases but in a steel image. These are AWM-500, GM-6900, GM-5600, and today’s GM-110-1A.

The GM-110 range is almost a copy of polymer GA-110 [small differences still can be found]. Yes, the Japanese did not invent a bike and decided to transform all their top products into a steel bumper case.
Bumper, because this overlay is used as a cover for the module [caliber]. Someone may think of the absurdity of what is happening, saying: “well, why doing so with old cases? It would be better to invent something new. I am ready to find a couple of solid arguments “for”: the steel watch of my favorite cases got a new life, and there is a solid number of g-shock lovers who will not mind updating their favorite ones. In this case, I would also like to give an example with the jewelry industry, where there is only one thing – precious metal itself and the jeweler’s work, for whom now it is complicated to come up with something really new, and his work is evaluated merely as the quality of soldering, thickness, etc. What do I mean by that? GM series is also a kind of jeweler’s work, the critical task of which is to give freshness to already reliable things. And the metal in G-Shock watches also brings a shock-resistant brand to some new world of jewelry art [despite the absence of precious metals as such].

What is the key feature of this transformation? I can’t help noticing an entirely new kind of G-Shock watch, which is so familiar [in the past]. This shine was inaccessible to the polymer material, and now the watch is playing with new colors. The steel hour markers and hands’ contours create a three-dimensional skeleton feeling, which tries to attract attention. Besides, I have a version of the standard steel color [GM-110-1A], while the golden version [GM-110G-1A9] will surely remind you of luxury.

To tell you the truth, I am not a fan of neither GA-100, GA-110, nor the similar large designer G-Shock watches. Among the budget Ana-Digi, I only like the GA-2100 series for its compactness and, to some extent, secrecy. The reason for such taste preferences is quite understandable [I had to talk to myself] – to attract attention by watches, clothes, shoes, car or something else – is not mine.If we consider watches from the perspective of complementing your style, look, etc., the steel “GM” is, of course, beyond the competition. It is a watch that will surely add brightness to your life, and the closet will get a mandatory accessory for everyday usage. The watch is created exactly for the stylish CASUAL look of teenagers, creative people, and simply fans of their own taste. Believe me, young people in Japan, Singapore, Vietnam especially appreciate this character. That’s why the Japanese are playing in the designer’s watch industry, and they are definitely pretty good at it. No one cares about the solar panel in GM-110 [there is an ordinary battery for three years] or an advanced functionality [the standard set of functions for a digital watch]. People like the watch for its design. But if you are the minimum “nerd” in watchmaking [in a good sense], you will like the second part of this review.

Despite the already existing caliber, the Japanese had to try to maintain the shock resistance of the steel version of GA-110. Why wasn’t there a steel shock before? Because metal has always been considered as a more vulnerable material for the module. A strong impact is almost a blow at the heart of the watch, while any polymer material also has a shock-absorbing role. A solution to this problem was found in the GM-110. Unusual protrusions were added to the inner part of the case, reducing contact with the metal bezel. The bumps took over the damping function. It is also worth paying attention to the non-metallic part of the case, made of glass fiber reinforced resin material. The material’s resistance to breaks and bends is at the highest level, which confidently protects the module from external impacts. As you can see, the durability of steel shocks is not affected.

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