Breitling Avenger II

For an industry that makes miniature machines, size is still an important factor in the grand scheme of things. A huge portion of the luxury watch market still prefer a big and bright timepiece, and none can satisfy their craving quite like Breitling’s Super Avenger II Chronograph. With elegance and ease, this one-of-a-kind grand watch is one that clients and collectors would truly want for their own.
The luxury watch business is like a paradox. While it favors sleek and small models, it also can’t get enough of big and grand timepieces. A lot of brand’s signature items are some of their most immensely-sized watches. Arguably, despite the industry’s push for more compact and streamlined silhouettes, there’s a portion of the market that will forever favor gargantuan timepieces. In fact, some of the finest luxury watches are offered to cater to such tastes, like Breitling’s Super Avenger II Chronograph timepiece.
Breitling is one of those brands that continuously look towards their heritage to create new and exciting pieces. Back in 2013, the revamped their Avenger II, releasing them with better style and functions. Part of this reinvented collection was the Super Avenger II, one of the line’s chronograph watches. The timepiece’s price ranges from $5,100 to $5,550, depending on the type of strap.
If there’s ever a timepiece to further push the luxury watch market’s “bigger is better” initiative, it’s Breitling’s Super Avenger II Chronograph watch. At 48 millimeters in diameter, it’s one of the biggest wristwatches ever produced in modern watchmaking history. The size, however, isn’t just for show, as it houses a bevy of innovations such as the COSC-certified chronometer and three outstanding chronographs, just to name a few. Its rugged construction yet elegant design makes it the perfect timepiece any gentleman would want to wear, both for everyday activities and elegant events.
There’s a reason why people are preferring sleeker silhouettes nowadays—a lighter timepiece. Clients’ modern lifestyles have them constantly on-the-go and they need lightweight items to help them move as quickly as they can. This isn’t to say that big wrist watches such as Breitling’s Super Avenger II Chronograph weighs so much that they can’t move, but it does provide more hassle to the wearer compared to smaller-sized watches.

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