Oris 400 independent movement is a high-quality complex movement independently developed by oris, which reshapes the new benchmark of automatic mechanical movement. It has a five-day power reserve (120 hours), a strong diamagnetic, recommended maintenance intervals of 10 years, and a 10-year warranty commitment.ORIS AQUIS DATE CALIBRE 400

When we thought about the oris 400, our engineers realized that people might not wear the same watch every day. If a mechanical watch is randomly removed and placed for a day or two, it will stop running as time goes by and the dynamic storage is exhausted. The oris 400 has a five-day power storage device, and even if you don’t wear the watch until Thursday to next Tuesday, it’s still accurate. The dual spring box design can provide a longer service life for the watch. Both of them are equipped with an extended version of the spring, which can store energy for two and a half days. ORIS AQUIS DATE CALIBRE 400 Replica

Holly’s unremitting exploration of clock technology, meticulous production of complex mechanical wristwatch all the necessary planning. Therefore, we are very confident in the performance of the oris 400 autonomous movement. When you register your watch on myoris, we will provide a 10-year warranty for all Holly watches with this new movement. In addition, we suggest that the wristwatch equipped with oris 400 should be maintained every 10 years. In short, your mechanical watch does not need any repair or maintenance until 2030 unless accidental damage or water proofing are checked. This new standard represents a truly timeless watch.

The philosophy of oris 400 autonomous movement is to eliminate the problem before it occurs. Engineers at oris found that one of the most common problems with automatic mechanical movements is in the ball bearing system, which enables a freely rotating pendulum (or pendulum) to drive the spring box to the top of the watch. This is an indispensable part of the automatic movement. As an eccentric heavy hammer, it generates power by driving a group of gear trains, and stores the power in the spring box to wind up the spring, so as to make the automatic watch run normally. However, we have completely removed the ball bearing and replaced the traditional operation with a low friction sliding bearing system. In this new system, the complexity is simplified, and the wear of the parts involved is much less, and the failure is not easy.

Our daily life is full of various strong magnetic fields, exposed to such magnetic forces, most Swiss watch movements will be magnetized. The occurrence of this phenomenon is traceable, the wrist watch will become less accurate when it goes, or it may stop completely. In order to make the wrist watch with high diamagnetism, oris designed the oris 400 autonomous movement, using more than 30 non-ferrous metal and diamagnetic components, including silicon escapement wheel and silicon anchor. Tests conducted at the prestigious Lab of Laboratoire Dubois showed that the oris 400 deviated by less than 10 seconds a day at 2250 Gauss. Another set of data also shows the innovative and practical function of this movement. The latest version of ISO 764 standard stipulates that the watch must be exposed to 200 Gauss and be accurate within 30 seconds. The test results of the oris 400 autonomous movement show that the travel time accuracy can reach one third of the allowable deviation after bearing more than 11 times of the magnetic force, which proves that it has a strong antimagnetic effect. ORIS

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