oris artelier grande lune date ladies watch

Oris watches are world-renowned for their quality mechanical watches and elegant aesthetics. The Swiss watchmaker is all about tradition and this is certainly one of their biggest charm in the market. As such, you can expect Oris to come with a myriad of fantastic women’s watches as well. To help you along the way, we introduce to you the best women’s watches in Oris’ inventory. Each entry here was chosen based on the quality of the timepiece as well as its popularity in the market. oris artelier grande lune date ladies watch

So, let’s get right to it with the best Oris watches for women.
This snazzy lady’s watch from Oris is quite similar to the male version but with a more compact construction and design. It comes at a petite 31mm diameter stainless-steel case with a pristine white and silver dial that radiates with a certain level of charm and sophistication.

The dial also comes with some added flourishes to complete its overall aesthetics. You will notice that the dial features a guilloche design with silver-toned hands that further accentuates its classy charm. What’s more? The Oris Artelier Ladies watch is not just stylish, it is highly functional as well.

As with all Oris timepieces, the Artelier also incorporates watch movements that were developed in-house. In this instance, the Oris Artelier is powered by the Oris Calibre 561 self-winding automatic movement with 25-jewels. This gives this timepiece an amazing 28,800VPH. Also, the beautiful and intricate dial is well-protected with a sapphire crystal window. The watch is also designed to provide decent 50-meter water resistance.
Oris Aquis was always a dive watch series that emphasizes practicality and reliability, which is why it is a treat (for the ladies) to find one particular variant of the Oris Aquis that can also act as a fashion statement. At a glance, the most defining feature here is the 43 diamond hour markers on the dial. As the proverbial icing on the visual cake, the Oris Aquis timepiece also places a prominent dark blue sapphire at the top of the bezel.

Of course, this is not Oris if it only delivers on the aesthetic end of the timepiece. In terms of functionality, the Oris Aquis Date Diamond meets the standards that the Swiss watchmaker is known for. Within the rather glamorous exterior is Oris’ proprietary calibre 733 26-jewel movement. This watch movement features an SW 200-1 base and clocks in at 28,800VPH. In addition, the movement also packs a power reserve of up to 38-hours. Of course, since this is an Aquis watch model, this ladies’ dive watch offers up to 300-meters of water resistance.
While not as large as its male counterpart, the Big Crown ladies watch from Oris still manages to keep things relatively compact with its 36mm stainless-steel case. It also incorporates a black analog dial which gives it a more rugged aesthetic for women who loves a harder edge charm to complete their attire.

As this is part of their Big Crown series, this is an aviation timepiece through and through. It utilizes large Arabic numeral hour markers and stylish cathedral-type hour and minute hands that also features luminous finish for enhanced visibility even in the dark. The Big Crown uses Oris’ automatic movement which gives it impeccable precision. Also, this timepiece is designed to provide up to 50-meters of water resistance which means it can survive the occasional splash of water but do refrain from submerging completely.
This Oris women’s dive watch delivers in both functionality and aesthetic flair with its luxury design that is further heightened by the use of diamond hour markers. The black dial perfectly accentuates the glittering diamonds that are embedded. Another aspect that further highlights its premium-grade construction is the use of a ceramic unidirectional bezel.
The stunning dial also takes advantage of the scratch-resistant and durable sapphire crystal glass window. Inside this timepiece is Oris’ Swiss automatic movement that powers its analog dial. The watch movement also gives the Oris Women’s Diver watch an additional 38-hours of power reserve. A notable extra feature included with this timepiece is a date window which is located at the bottom 6 o’clock position.

Since this is an Oris dive watch, you can expect it to provide the same level of water resistance as their Aquis watch line – which is around 300-meters. This dive watch is a good companion for swimming, snorkeling, and standard scuba diving activities.
Classy and professional, the Oris Artelier Date Ladies watch is the epitome of the modern working woman. It features a silver guilloche style dial and a dark brown leather strap that gives it a modicum of casual everyday appeal while keeping its executive charm intact. Other notable features include a date display, luminous hands and markers, and a sapphire crystal window which is incredibly resistant to scratches. Additionally, the glass comes with an anti-glare finish to provide wearers with excellent legibility even during the daytime.

Now, let’s talk about the Artelier Date’s functionality. Here, we see it comes equipped with all of the signature Oris’ qualities. A reliable and precise watch movement in the form of Oris’ own calibre 561 25-jewel self-winding automatic movement with analog dial display. The movement also clocks an astounding 28,800VPH that ensures absolute accuracy in timekeeping. Additionally, expect the watch movement to provide around 38-hours of power reserve for good measure.
Leave it to Oris to blend modern and traditional aesthetics perfectly, as highlighted by the Oris Big Crown Pointer automatic watch. The green dial gives this timepiece a more contemporary appeal that fits quite well with the polished stainless-steel design. The cathedral-style hour and minute hands also exude an air of elegance that gives this watch a high-end appeal. The hands also utilize a luminous finish for better visibility even in a low-light environment.

The Oris Big Crown takes on an all-stainless-steel approach to its design which gives it a more luxurious appeal. The outer rim of the dial also features a date scale that operates via the date hand feature. Of course, all this style is for naught if the watch itself is not reliable in terms of timekeeping. Fortunately, we are talking about Oris here so expect top-notch watch movements, as well. This lady’s timepiece features the Oris 754 SW 200-1 automatic movement with an analog dial. It also offers a 38-hour power reserve to ensure it is always ticking.
Moon phase watches are among the most uniquely designed timepieces in the market. This makes this type of wristwatch a visual feast head-turner that seems designed with a lean towards a more feminine aesthetic. Of course, the main feature here is the moon phase functionality which takes up a good percentage of the dial’s space.

This moon phase watch from Oris’s Arterlier series incorporates a silver-tone design with its polished stainless-steel construction. The diamond-shaped hands also lend to its overall sharp and elegant aesthetics. The Oris Grande Lune also features a date display that is neatly located over at the 6 o’clock position – giving the moon phase display enough time in the spotlight.

Inside the stunning appearance of the Grande Lune comes Oris’ signature craftsmanship. Which is to say, it is one of the finest timepiece movements around. The Grande Lune is powered by the Oris calibre 763 with an SW-220-1 base. This automatic watch movement also offers around 38-hours of power reserve. Another notable element here is that while the Grande Lune watch appears delicate, it is quite a robust watch as well thanks to Oris’ design and its use of sapphire crystal window.
The stunning and unique aesthetic of skeletal dial makes it an obvious entry into any ‘Best of’ list. Hence, we have the Oris Artelier Skeleton women’s watch here. One aspect of skeletal dial timepieces is that it requires a top-notch watch movement for you to fully appreciate this design. In that, Oris once again delivers as they only incorporate mechanical watch movements with all their timepieces.

The Oris Artelier calibre 560 with a base ETA 2671 is the watch movement that powers this visually striking wristwatch. This watch movement also gives the Oris Artelier Skeleton Dial a nifty 38-hour power reserve which means it won’t stop anytime soon even if you forgot to wear it for over a day. One simple yet highly effective way to improve upon a watch’s design is by using a domed crystal. While this type of window dial is susceptible to scratches, this Oris Artelier model circumvents this issue by using scratch-resistant and tough sapphire crystal material. If you want a timepiece that will catch everyone’s attention, you can’t go wrong with a skeletal dial.
This Oris watch simply radiates with a feminine charm. This Oris Classic Date watch features an elegant overall design with its silver-tone dial and 28.5 stainless steel case, as well as the rose-gold colored hands. Its use of crème colored leather strap completes the appearance. As this is part of the Oris Classic series, its overall design follows a more traditional approach and is magnificent in its subtle beauty.
The Oris Classic Date watch utilizes the Calibre 561 automatic movement (base ETA 2671) and clocks in with a 38-hour power reserve. The dial is also protected by a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass. Another notable element here is the transparent back case which gives you a clear view of the timepiece’s inner workings. This is a stunning and petite timepiece for the sophisticated modern lady.
Let’s end this list with a timepiece design that never goes out of style – the rectangular case wristwatches. Rectangular timepieces radiate with a sense of elegant tradition while its different approach to the typical circular case gives it a unique charm. The Oris Rectangular Date Ladies watch is perfect for petite hands with its 24.5mm stainless steel case.
The polished silver-tone exterior is partnered up quite nicely by the velvet black dial. It also comes with luminescent hands. Also, of note is that the minute marker is located on the outer rim. This timepiece also features a date display window that is neatly nestled down on the 6 o’clock position. As for performance, the Oris Rectangular Date watch uses an automatic movement that has a 28,800VPH and a power reserve of up to 38-hours. This is not only an excellent dress watch; it is also quite a reliable one.

Final Thoughts

Oris is known for its stylish timepieces. This is just 10 women’s watches in their catalog so we highly recommend you check out their full list if any of these entries caught your eye. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed with what Oris has to offer.

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