Blancpain “Most Beautiful” Formal Watch

This is a belated 6654. I have bought a few Replica Watch Blancpain in the past two years, but they are basically around 50 fathoms, steel shell, titanium shell, ceramic shell, black and blue. But there is not much contact with Blancpain’s formal watches. I remember that about 2 years ago, a friend in the same city gave me a 6653 (the watch with the 30-second retrograde small second hand), and I have never come into contact with Blancpain’s dress watch again.

6654 is Blancpain’s most popular formal watch in China, and many players have bought it. I was not too cold with formal wear watches before, and felt that it did not match my usual clothes. So I considered buying 6654, but I haven’t sold it. Later, I heard a player who said that he was wearing sportswear and a formal watch. From this, I also began to change my attitude towards formal watches. It was not until I started with this “late” 6654 that the beauty of 6654 was discovered.

Now Blancpain 6654 replica watch is a full-calendar moon phase watch. The full-calendar moon phase means that this watch has four functions: date, week, month, and moon phase. Blancpain is an expert in making full-calendar moon phase watches. Although many watch brands have similar watches, Blancpain is strong. The four functions are arranged on the dial in a very balanced and harmonious manner, which is very beautiful and not messy. Blancpain’s full moon phases are well done, and there is a certain historical reason in it. In the 1950s and 1960s, full-calendar moon phase watches were very popular, and even Rolex produced full-calendar moon phase watches. Later, because of the impact of quartz watches, no one made such complicated watches. In 1983, Blancpain was the first brand to relaunch the full-calendar moon phase table. After so many years, the full calendar moon phase has almost become Blancpain’s signature style. The full calendar moon phase is Blancpain’s traditional strength.

6654 size 40 mm, double bezel (double bezel is a feature of Blancpain), 6654 on the not-so-large dial, from layout to color, the various windows and hands are arranged in place. The outermost circle of the disk is the Roman numeral hour markers in K gold, and the inner circle is a 31-day calendar circle. In the innermost circle, there are week and month windows at 12 o’clock, and moon phase windows at 6 o’clock. The hour, minute, and second hands of K gold (with Blancpain LOGO on the tail of the second hand), plus the serpentine blue steel calendar hands are all in the middle. As you can see, the biggest advantage of this arrangement of 6654 is that it is very symmetrical and clear at a glance, regardless of the amount of things on the board. When the light shines into the dial, because the Roman numerals and hands are all gold, and the snake-shaped calendar hands are blue steel, it is very dazzling and eye-catching. There are dark, deep and shallow.

Someone said before that Replica Blancpain 6654 watch is the most beautiful moon phase watch, and Blancpain’s moon phase is the most beautiful. I also understand this point now. As you can see, the moon phase of 6654 has a human face, while other moon phase tables of the same level are a polished moon (a disc). At the same time, Blancpain’s moon phase face has a kind of “electric light” effect, which can be bright and dark under different light, the effect is outstanding.

The 6654 uses the Blancpain 1150/1151 series movement. Blancpain added the full calendar moon phase function to the 1150/1151, which was renumbered as the 6654 movement. 1150/1151 and 1315 are the two main movements of Blancpain. The 1315 movement is larger in size and is mainly used in the large 50 fathoms, and the 1150/1151 is smaller in size and mainly used in the formal watch and the small 50 fathoms. . The 6654 uses a silicon balance spring on the movement, fine-adjusting the balance wheel without a card degree weight (the balance wheel has a special shape), and has a power reserve of 72 hours. In the decoration of the movement, the high standard of Blancpain has been maintained. The movement plywood is chamfered, the upper plywood of the movement is decorated with Geneva stripes, the lower plywood is decorated with pearl patterns, and the K gold automatic rotor is carved with wheat ear patterns, which is very shining and full of changes in light. Various decorations are in line with Blancpain’s positioning.

The most important technical feature of the 6654 is the quick adjustment device on the 4 lugs. Through these 4 buttons, you can quickly adjust the date, week, month, and moon phase. No other tools (adjusting sticks or toothpicks) are needed, you can operate it directly, push it with your nail, and it’s OK. Most similar watches of other brands use the hidden buttons on the case to adjust the watch. Not only do you need tools, but the buttons on the case affect the appearance. Because of the many functions of the watch, the full-calendar moon phase watch takes a long time to skip the calendar every night. At 9 o’clock in the evening, the week window began to drift slowly, and then the calendar pointer began to drift slowly, and the calendar was completed at around 12:10 in the evening. Although I have the impression that Blancpain has a calendar protection decoration, the Blancpain store also told me not to adjust the watch (calendar) between 8 pm and 3 pm. You should pay attention to the issue of adjusting the restricted area.

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