Blancpain Villeret full calendar lunar Watch

Villeret is the birthplace of Blancpain and provides inspiration for the most classic watch series. Villeret series adheres to the watchmaking tradition, embodies the essence of the brand and deduces the ultimate beauty. Today, watch house brings you a brief review of the full calendar moon phase watch of Blancpain Villeret series. The official model is 6263-3642a-55b.

As the oldest Replica Blancpain watch brand, its excellent watch making technology is, needless to say, absolutely outstanding in the watch industry. Its adherence to the tradition of only making mechanical watches is a tribute to the traditional mechanical watches, and there is another insistence that only round watches are made.

Villeret series is one of the most classic watch series of Blancpain, and many people hope that it starts from liking this series of watches. The watch is made of 18k rose gold with a brown alligator leather strap. It can display the date, week, month and phase of the moon. Use the disk system to display the week and month through two windows. The date is indicated by a central pointer. This specially shaped pointer is specifically used to indicate the secondary information provided by a Blancpain replica watch

The watch comes with a brown alligator strap with a folding pin clasp in 18k rose gold.

The case and ear are made of 18k rose gold. The side of the case is equipped with quick adjusting device. From official data, we know that the thickness of the watch is 10.7mm, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear on the wrist. The periodic changes of the moon’s phase are reproduced on the dial of the watch, which also reflects the long-standing relationship between the watch making technology and astronomy. The moon phase watch shows whether the moon is in a new, full, or waning phase.

The watch adopts 38 mm milky white dial design, and the small second dial design is set at 6 o’clock position, and the moon phase profit and loss display function is set in the small second dial. There are week and month display windows at 12 o’clock. The design of date display is pointer design.

The watch is equipped with a folding pin buckle, which is made of 18k rose gold. The advantage of folding pin buckle is that after adjusting the position of the pin buckle, wearing and removing the watch can be completed by folding device, so as to reduce the wear of crocodile leather strap.

In 1983, Blancpain launched the world’s first smallest automatic chain up mechanism, which can display the phase, week, month and date of the moon. This complex function, which had disappeared at that time, was reborn. Since then, watchmakers have been constantly improving the mechanical device, making the calendar function integrated with the lunar phase a landmark feature of the brand. Finally, Blancpain launched the revolutionary 66r9 movement in 2009. This movement can correct the calendar and lunar phase display at any time of the day without affecting its mechanism, which is also a world first technology.

The inside of the watch is cal.6763 automatic chain up movement, which can provide 100 hours of power reserve. The core diameter is 27 mm and the thickness is 4.9 mm. There are 262 parts in total.

One of the major features of this watch is that it has full calendar and lunar phase profit and loss display function. The full calendar is different from the annual calendar or the perpetual calendar. The full calendar function does not take into account the different length of each month, so it needs to be corrected five times a year, respectively at the end of the month with less than 31 days. The phase of the moon shows whether the moon is in a new, full, or waning phase

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