BRM V12-44 celebrates its 10th anniversary with replica watches

In September 2005, Bernard Richards Manufacture (BRM) launched the first V12-44, which immediately became a timepiece icon. The 44 mm automatic chronograph features a black PVD brushed stainless steel case, black dial and white transfers. The V12-44-BN bears a truly sporty style; faithful to racing culture worldwide.

BRM’s best-selling watch to date, the popularity of the V12-44 was practically overnight.

“This was an immediate success right from the start, it never fails to impress and certainly leaves no one indifferent. The BRM V12-44 range is a true emblem of the manufacture, with its piston shaped case, lugs fitted by screws, extra light hands and dial decorated with race numbers it represents all that BRM holds dear.” BRM Manufacture

The BRM V-12-44-5N
So to celebrate the decade milestone, BRM has created a way for its enthusiasts to customize and build their own watch for the first time. Using the brand’s new, interactive BRM configurator, would-be buyers can completely customize their own V12-44 virtually, by selecting every single design detail of the timepiece. In total, there are over 12,000 possibilities across 20 different models.

The BRM V12-GT-10-ANS
BRM will also be releasing a special ultra-limited edition V12-44-GT-10 ANS to commemorate the occasion. Only 10 of the timepieces will be made, at a cost of approx. US$11,200.

Each will feature: Polished stainless steel case, skeleton dial, black pushers and lugs, black crown with BRM logo engraved, black and red super light hands, winner black and white leather strap and automatic chronograph movement

Create your own Replica V12-44 right here and see some other versions of the iconic watch below.

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