Aviator: The Best Pilot Watches

When Brazilian pilot Alberto Santos-Dumont charged Louis Cartier with designing a fake watch specifically for him, he did so seeking an easy-to-read design. Bold numbers, a large dial, and a simple design were all a pilot needed in mid-flight, and Cartier’s finished product was exactly what Alberto was looking for.

That was in 1904. Since then, the Replica pilot watch has evolved, incorporating a sleek, stylish, and dressy aesthetic without sacrificing the original concept. The finest of pilot watches can not only round off the snazziest of outfits, they’re still practical for aviation.

Looking to add a pilot watch to your assortment of daily accessories or formalwear? Consider any of these top 15 pilot watches.

Inspired by aviation, pilot watches are handy for their impressive features and novel designs. Uniquely stylish and highly functional, these terrific timepieces are adept at both keeping precise time and looking great on your wrist. As such, they make a worthwhile addition to any gent’s collection. So, if you’re a high-flying man who loves aviation, then this is the watch for you.

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